Whats up with Microsoft? (VS2008, Astoria, LINQ)

Yesterday I attended a MSDN event on Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and allied products. The sessions where good. I though I would share some of my knowledge I gained from them.

Visual Studio 2008 has some cool new features, the ones I like were:
-Debugging through javascript and javascript intellisence
-WPF now comes default with VS2008

I am definitely impressed with LINQ (Language Integrated Query). Traditionally we assume quering is always on databases. But with LINQ it is possible now to write queries on .NET Class objects. A simplest example I can think of is trying to retrieve something from a collection. No need to write complex loops and constructs, use LINQ rather. Guys who have worked with nHibernate can compare it with the Hibernate Queries.

The benefits you get are
-Complete type checking during design time
-Ability to write queries on .NET class objects (with intellisense)

An example : Dim companyName=From Cust in nw.Customers where cust.id=5

You can find more information about LINQ at http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb308959.aspx

ADO.NET Entity framework & Astoria
Ahh, finally something on ORM from microsoft. The entity framework has all the features of a typical ORM tool. It has almost all the features that nHibernate provides. Astoria is one layer above Entity framework that provides web enabled data services using the Entity framework. What it means? You can simply use HTTP's GET, PUT, DELETE verbs to query on data objects provided by Entity framework.

These products are still in the beta and expected to release within the next 6-9 months.
More about them? Checkout these links

I did receive a Resource kit CD with all the presentations and some tech stuff. If you need any of them, mail me at prashant.baker@yahoo.com

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The links are: http://blogs.msdn.com/astoriateam
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