Enterprise Library- Fundamentals

Every software project involves two kinds of concerns during its development life-cycle.

A. Core Concern
B. Cross Cutting Concerns

Core concerns are your business needs, the primary purpose for which the solution is developed. But the solution also has its implied requirments viz. security, logging, generic components for reuse, exception management etc. These are the cross-cutting concerns and we all know that solutions for these kind of requirments are almost same across projects. So how would it be, if we had a ready made solution for them. Thats where Enterprise Library comes into picture, if your going to develop your solution on .NET platform.

Enterprise library is a readily usable pattern for the most common project scenarios. The solutions provided in enterprise library are based on patterns & practices by Microsoft. Each of the cross cutting concern is available as off-the-shelf solution called "application blocks".

Version 3 of Enterprise Library provides the following application blocks.

Caching: Provides in-memory cache
Cryptography: Hashing & Encryption
Data Access: Provides common database functionality
Exception Handling : Catch exceptions and log them in a standard way
Logging: Log events to Email, database, message queue, text file, WMI event, custom location
Policy Injection: Helps manage all the application blocks by means of configuration
Security : Authorization & authentication services
Validation: Validations of object data across all tiers

Detailed information can be availed from MSDN.

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