New EDI feature in Biztalk 2006 R2

Biztalk 2006 R2 has a very interesting & useful feature, which I believe most of the biztalk developers working on EDI will appreciate. Prior to R2 version the envelope information on EDI is lost after receiving the EDI file on the receive port. After debatching the input file if you need to process and send multiple responses to various partners, it was upto the developer to write necessary logic to encapsulate envelope information for each of the partner and then send the EDI file.

But now in R2 what you can do is create "Parties" for each of the partner using the administration console. The properties on "Party" artifact allows you to specify complete envelope information. More specifically you need to set these values in Party properties.

Sender related: ISA05, ISA06, GS02
Receiver related: ISA07, ISA08, GS03

What you need to do is during the processing (say orchestration), promote couple of properties based on which biztalk will automatically wrap the envelope information. Isn't it cool. So these are the properites which you should promote before the message reaches send port.


Note: The spellings might not be exact. You refer MSDN to figure out detailed information.

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