First look at Windows Live mesh

I just received my tech preview invitation for live mesh. It looks cool to me. I just moved all my stuff from XDrive to LiveMesh. Right now the features are basic, you can:

1. Have a online desktop
2. Add folders and syncronize them with the local folders in any of your computers (devices). You need to install a desktop version of mesh on your local computer that syncronizes your folders with live mesh. Its pretty cool as it does it automatically. so no matter where you update these files, you need not bother to sync them.
3. Control on what devices your folders should be syncronized.
4. Share your mesh folders with other users and allow them to change them
5. Add comments to every change and view history of events (news) for each an every file

You may say that these features are pretty straight forward, but more is to come. mesh is a comprehensive web 2.0 platform.

Coming up:
6. You could also add your mobile/mac as a device in coming versions. More newer devices should be supported over a period of time.
7. Add custom applications into your mesh (similar to Facebook)

Here is a demo:

Is mesh just a file sharing service?
No not exactly. Mesh is a cloud service that provides data serices for users. All the data (documents, apps etc) is stored in the mesh. Access to all these information is possible with a) mesh feeds that come in a variety of formats b) through the usage of api (good for .net users). The best part is that the user can add all his devices into his mesh and syncronize the information across all of them. Currently the deivces supported are windows desktop PCs, coming forth are Mac PCs and Mobiles.

Imagine, no matter where you are and using any device, you still access your documents & applications. Thats really cool stuff. For example I have my brower favourites which get synced on all my devices. In fact mesh is your online desktop operating system.

Mesh opens up whole lot of possibilities with mesh applications. I guess the concept is very much similar to FaceBook applications. SDK is provided for developers to create apps. Check out this video at

Check out this post for more info:

Also a good video at

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