Biztalk Server 2006 compatibility with Visual Studio 2008 (VS2008)

This is for all you guys who are trying to figure out whether Biztalk 2006 works with VS2008.

I had this requirement in my project that we all migrate to .NET 3.5 environment / VS2008. Everything looked fine untill we realized that Biztalk 2006 is not supported by VS2008. I did a lot of reaseach in blogs and talking to Microsoft Support. The anwer is found was that "Biztalk Server 2006 will not work with VS2008". In fact Biztalk is not compatible with any of the 2008 technologies including SQL Server 2008.

I spoke to MS Tech. Support and they confirmed that there is no compatibility. It is expected that future versions of Biztalk (R3) will possibly support VS2008. They have no idea when it would be release, but the hint is that the CTP version might hit by the end of the year.

I also tried out practically on my machine. I installed VS2008 on existing Biztalk setup, but VS2008 doesn't recognize ".BTPROJ". I even tried to install VS2008 first and then Biztalk, still the same issue.

Its really so bad on Microsoft that Biztalk being such a advanced technology will not be a part of .NET Framework 3.5 environment for so long :(.

Here is the response I got from Microsoft.

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Sales Information today.

Per our discussion, I've attached links/information that you requested below.

From my research I have found that BizTalk Server 06 and Visual Studios 08 actually are not compatible. The .NET framework used by Visual Studios 08 to create applications is not compatible with the requirements of BizTalk Server 06; Microsoft may be releasing a Service Pack for BizTalk Server or a new BizTalk Server which will address this compatibility issue.
This blog on this Microsoft web site will outline more in-depth what I have just stated here.


Microsoft Sales Information Agent

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