Rare problem with BizTalk orchestration designer

I had this problem in my project where Biztalk orchestrations would not open once they are saved and closed. The problem is seen only for a particular user account and works fine when tried with another user on the same machine.

The following is the error you get when you try to open them.

"The information in the .ODX file is not proper .ODX format and cannot be opened with Orchestration Designer. The file might be in another format and have been improperly renamed, it might have been corrupted, or it might have been edited without using the Orchestration Designer"

After a lot of research and talks with Microsoft, we got a clue that the problem was with corrupt user setting for Visual Studio. The current logged on user's profile has something to do with it.

We could not exactly pin point where the settings were stored in the users profile. So the only solution was to erase the user's profile from the machine and login again. Here is the steps you need to do that.

  1. Create a new local administrative user on the machine
  2. Restart the machine
  3. Logon with the new user
  4. Navigate to "Document and Settings" folder and rename the actual user's (where problem exists) folder. You may also delete it, if you have backed up your personal data.
  5. Logout and Login again with your user.

Note that by resetting the profile, you will loose all the settings stored for that user.

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