Bug in BizTalk Oracle ODBC Adapter - Decimals trimmed while quering

I had a very serious problem with Oracle Adapter (the old ODBC one) in my project. The adapter somehow trims last decimal place while query oracle 10g tables. This happens both with Query/QueryResponse or TableChangeEvents. The behavriour is so strange that it doesn't happen always nor it happens for the same number.

Some sample numbers:
1477032.43 to 1477032.4
-1977473.59 to -1977473.5

The issue is not seen with few records and is appears randomly. We've opened a ticket with Microsoft and they ackonwledged the problem.

Ah at last, it turned out to be altogether different problem. The issue is not with Biztalk adapter, the problem was with the Oracle ODBC driver. The specific version of Oracle had issue and we had to upgrade it. The solution was identified by Microsoft Support guys.

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